“Il Magazzino” is Lycan’s private dungeon.
There are differents areas and suspension points for bondage, that is possible to use.
It’s a place where you can meet people that practice BDSM and bondage, have a talk with them and eventually ask them to teach you.
Every Wednesday evening it’s possible to spend some hours within kinkster friend: not dress code enforced, no one will be obbliged to play, you can just have a coffee and shareware information about Bdsm classes and events.
It’s not a dating BDSM event: session are not guaranteed, prostitution is not allowed.
Every event organised in “Magazzino” will be private (not public one) and the privacy of everyone will be respected.
It isn’t possible to rent dungeon (there are other location in Turin that could be rented, like Redpaddlockroom)
If you need to spend the night in Turin, we got an appartament rentable (airbnb formula).